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Master Chefs’ garden party

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Honestly, I started to give up organizing this party. I have been trying to get together with my Master Chef’s competitors, and sent out several invitations, but everybody said no for my tries due to their other summer weekend plans. But I did not give it up!
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Eating cucumber in cucumber season!

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Did you know that eating a little bit of cucumber can make wonders? Due to its content it reduces the chance of different cancer types, it makes good to our skin and hair too. This watery vegetable hidrates the whole body and help to clean the toxins out of the body. Therefore in the summer time it is an excellent source for breakfast juices every day.
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How to reduce carving for sugar? (Part 5)

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The human body is not at all prepared for consuming sugar endless, however, we are capable of eating even a kg of sugar in a week in the form of cakes, ice-cream, fruit jams or fruit juices. I will give you some ideas how to stop carving for sugar.
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Let’s be brave and eat lard (Part 4)

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Eating lard, bacon and chicken skin is not a sin, it is much healthier then eating margarine or processed butter cream.
There are many superstitions and misconceptions in people’s mind about fat but it has been proved that we do need them for our metabolism, digestion and for the protection of the immune system. It may not be well spread but fats act as antioxidants in our system and help our body get rid of the toxins.
I use for cooking mainly ghee (Indian butter or clarified butter) and time to time I also use coconut oil. These are stable saturated fatty acids, whose structure does not change for high heat impact. On top of all, both have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effects. Ghee can be purchased in Indian shop sor bio/organic stores too. Pork fat (duck or goose fat) is excellent for high heat treatment procedures in the kitchen.
Butter and olive oil are also good for baking, but we should not fry things it, in other words, you should not heat too high these products as they are not so stable like their above mentioned buddies.
For some dishes (salads, pastas) I like to pour over some extra virgin olive oil, sesame seed oil or cold pressed pumpkin seed oil.
I like to eat all kinds of animal related fat but of course I like to eat it in balance with other food. I like to eat home-made lard, real fried goose lard, but to tell the truth I cannot eat too much of these as they make me full very quick.
If I use any milk product in my cooking, I always go for the full fat versions since they take out all those enzymes from the light ones that are responsible for us to digest lactose.
From butter, I only use bio/organic. Margarine and processed butter are banned in my kitchen.
I avoid polyunsaturated fats, such as rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or soy oil.
Furthermore, I consume some fat through oily nuts too. I always use them on top of the salads or cakes toasted. An excellent saturated fat source is avocado. It is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast.
Be generous to yourself and use lard in soups and other vegetable dishes too, as it gives a touch of smoked taste to the dish, and this way, we have taken in some good fat acids to our body as well.
Tune in! You know, soon we are going to give up sugar!