Let’s get adventures! This could just be the slogan of my life. At the age of 20 I set sail to discover the big world, I flew to the US to study English. Then our lives crossed with my German husband, with whom we made a family company together in Hungary. We have traveled half the world thanks to our job. These trips made both of us very open people.
Besides our family company for 8 years now I have worked as a backstage coordinator on the big pop and rock concerts in Budapest. This job is really interesting and a real adrenalin bomb each show!
Related to my concert job, I have a hobby. I collect photos together with my “famous colleagues”. More than 100 photos like this color our living room wall!
Another passion of mine is cooking. I have inherited this passion from my father, and it is such a pleasure for me that I can carry on his love of cuisine. Cooking makes me relaxed and speeds me up at the same time in a good sense. I follow the culinary trends from the use of ingredients to plating techniques. I try to re-think dishes and methods I learnt from my godparents in a modern way.
My family’s health and my own health have always been important for me. However, consciously I have started dealing with healthy food and eating healthy due to my own auto-immune sickness. I have not only exchanged the ingredients I use in my cooking and baking but I have also changed my attitude since I started to feel on my own body the positive and healing effects of the healthy basic ingredients. That is when I realized, I am what I eat.
I wanted to share the joy of cooking, my new way of lifestyle and that healthy food can also be delicious with more and more people. At the beginning I only shared the pictures of the dishes I made on the Facebook with my friends and acquaintances for pleasure, but more and more of them were interested to get the recipes to the pictures. The circle has become wider now, by now it is not only my friends who follow what is cooking in my kitchen.
I am happy to state that by using organic food and basic ingredients it has open new door to a new way of life to many others as well by now and they follow my example and put on their family table healthy dishes I have dreamt and created.
We do not have a child yet with my husband. We educate our two little black clan ( 2 big schnauzer and 2 cats) in a great harmony.