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Így fotózunk mi – kulisszatitkok egy magazin ételfotózásról

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We photographed 12 dishes yesterday in a record timing. The pictures will be published in a gastro magazine in the next quarter year and in one special bookazine, moreover, we were charged to make the cover photo for the bookazine. I am so proud of this.
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Celebrating with the Best Ones

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I had a fantastic evening last night. I could go for the Dining Guide Restaurant of the Year Gala Party, where I could meet chefs I look up on and I very much respect their culinary art work. More of them I had met for the first time personally however they were very gracious and friendly. there were some of them with whom we were talking like friends.

I have arrived excited to Terem, the newest and most modern entertainment facility of the city. I loved the atmosphere right ahead and tasted a great levander –citrus water that could be a great idea for summer parties. It was delicious indeed.
After the Prizes were given, a lot of people were congratulating to the Winners and there were a lot of photos made with them. I also congratulated to them among was Akos Sarkozi, the chef of the Borkonyha (Wine Kitchen), who received the best chef of the year prize. We have made a funny selfie together since Akos is a really friendly person, and as a chef he really created a great team at the Borkonyha, this probably comes from his nice personality.

I have also congratulated to Sandor Nyíri (Szasa), who is the chef of the Aranykaviar. They have received the top 10 restaurant of the year prize. We have made a photo together with him yesterday too. I have already had the chance to taste some dishes in the Aranykaviar and I can guarantee you nobody can make a better pelmenyi in the country. They run an authentic but modern fine-dining Russian kitchen, they are innovative but in the same time, they respect and represent traditional cousine too.

I had the chance to talk with Kevin Szabo as well, the comis of the Bocus d’or team. He is a very kind and modest chef who really appreciated my compliment. I am especially happy that we could have a photo together with Szel Tamas and his team too and I am very proud of it.

I have come accross chef Jozsef Bernath too, we had a nice chat, he complimented on my book again which I really appreciate and so happy for. Of course we shooted some pictures together too.
With Gianni Annoni we agreed that one can only make delicious and nice dishes if it is done with passion and motivation. However we also agreed that this view is true for all fields of life. We chatted some more and then we congratulated on eachother’s books since we have the same publisher.
I have chated also with the chef of Costes Downtown too, they also got the prize for the 10 best restaurant of the year.

The evening was not only so special beacuse of the invited guests but also for the food they served. We tasted some amuse bouche (small appetizing bites) such as blood sausage in sweet bread.
It was a fantastic experience for me, and a big congratulation to all the winners and wish a lot of success to their work in the future too.

All we need to know about chicken stock

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In February, I started the second semester at the Culinary Institute of Europe. On our first practical lessons we were given a course on stocks by Chef Daniel Petho from Csalogány 26 Restaurant. I have learnt a lot of new things actually however I had been long time cooking stocks and using them for cream soups, jus and sauces to give them a nice extra taste.
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Secondary edible plants

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Who would think of eating the stem of beetroot or carrots? Maybe nobody however both is edible. Moreover, they are not only edible but they are also tasty.
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Let’s grill vegetables and fruits!

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In order to grill delicious food, we do not only need to have good basic ingredients but also it is wise to know some practical but simple tricks that can help us grill our vegetables and fruits real tasty.

One of them is to cut the vegetables similar sizes so that they get ready in the same time. It is important that they are not too big or not too small sized. The middle-size cut veggies will get fast ready and they do not fall in between the grill rack.
We should spread around the veggies little cooking oil. I recommend grape seed oil or ghee as they have a high burning point. Then we should season it with sea salt or simply put them in a marinate we prepare.
We should grill the veggies on a middle-heat, fruits should be grilled in an aluminium plate so they do not have a direct heat contact.
Fruits and easier/softer veggies get grilled in about 5-10 min while the harder veggies need about 25-30 min.
My favorite vegetables are the grilled corn, kapia peppers, zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms. From the fruits I love pineapple and peach the most when they are grilled.

There are some vegetables that we can bring a lot more out with a few tricks, so that we get really tasty vegetables. So let me give you some advise how you can get them grilled real good.

California peppers or kapia peppers:
Let’s cut the vegetables into halves and oil both sides of them. We should start baking the skinny side first for 6-10 min then the meaty side for 3-4 min. This is such a nice side dish for grilled meats.

Best is to keep the hairy cover for the grilling. Before we start grilling it, we should pull back the hairy cover and suck the corn with the cover in cold water for 15 min. this way the corn will get steamed and soft under the cover. If we don’t buy corns with the cover, we should put around some herbed butter and grill it for 20 min. It is can be an excellent snack in between two dishes.

Cut the onions in halves (across-wise), spread some oil around, then put some sea salt on it and grill it for about 6-10 min.

We should season it with salt and pepper and grill it for 5-10 min while we turn it often. It is an excellent side dish with meat and fish too.

We should cut it alongside for bigger slices, spread oil around and gill it ready. The grilling time is about 4-5 min.

It can be perfectly grilled. Cut it long-wise into halves, spread oil around and grill it for 4-5 min.

We can cut into halves long-wise or slice them up into rounds and turn them in oil, sea salt and grill them for 5-8 min.

We should grill it always as a whole pice then slice it up. Spread oil on them before grilling. Do not put salt on it only afterwards.

From the fruits you can nicely grill water melon, peach and pineapple. Their grilling time is a few min, you do not have to oil them but as I mentioned it above, you should not grill them directly on the rack but in a aluminium plate.

Grilled vegetables and fruits are excellent for meat and fish side dishes. They are not only delicious but also very healthy and on top of all, they surely color our grill dinner. We offer some sauces to these veggies and meat or fish too (bbq sauce, mayo, blue cheese dressing, etc.) surely everyone will get a good filling dinner too.

I wish everyone a healthy and delicious grill dinner!

Pull everything on a skewer!

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Tips for a perfect garden party (2.) – On a perfect garden party, not only the guest but also the host should have a really good time. Therefore, I give you some new ideas so that your guest can enjoy a pleasant surrounding and also enjoy a perfect meal and the hosts can take it easy too.
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Tips for a perfect garden party

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Spring is in the air, just like the smell of the BBQ , 🙂 , everyone it is time for garden parties. What a great occasion to gather family and friends together and to spend some quality time outside in the garden, including the host of the party itself. Since on a good pre-prepared party the host should not be much to do either other than enjoying the time with her/his guests.
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Finally at the Kistücsök

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Since I got addicted to gastronomy and cooking, I know that at least once I must check out the Kistücsök that has become reputable. On the Budapest Gourmet Festival, I always taste some dish at their stand which I always find very tasty. I follow their dishes and their creations on the Facebook, so I was long time looking for the opportunity to go with my husband to the Kistücsök in Balatonszemes.
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Michelin-start birthday

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I have been flirting with the Michelin-star bistro for a while now, looking at their menus and dishes. I respect the work and creative cuisine of Mr Akos Sarkozi, the chef. My birthday was an excellent opportunity to try the Michelin-star bistro.
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