I promissed you to write more about the music I have chosen for my videorecipes. I am amazed my Zagar’s music career, I have been following it for a while and I like tol isten to his music. We could only meet once in person, on a Depeche Mode concert, where he and his band was the chosen support band, where they played for 35.000 people. Their music was real fine already then, and it was real nice act before the DM.

So when I started to search for music for my videorecipes, besides that I was looking for a Hungarian Artist and a quality music indeed, it was also important for me that it should be more instumental and twirling music. In other words, it should be like me, since I am twirly in the kitchen too.
So I started to listen to Zagar’s music and I got stuck with Bossa Astoria. I loved its style, which is a bit retro, but all in all still modern. The same way I mix traditional and modern, trendy elements in my kitchen. And last but not least, the song puts you in a certain „Budapest” mood. So it is more than excellent for me to express this way too my love of Budapest, and this way, I can give over a bit to my foreign blog readers as well of this beautfiul unique city spirit.
And one more thing, I feel that this music revs me up. I hope it does the same effect on you and it inspires you to cook with me.