I wanted to bake my little cousin a birthday cake that is not only pretty and delicious but also healthy. Red currant, blueberry, white chocolate and chocolate ganache are what I used for the cakes I made from almond flour.

My one and only little cousin has become one year old. We had long in advance received the invitation for the birthday party so I had enough time to think over what I would like to surprise her with.

I thought I can express my love the best way if I make something myself. For little kind of handcraft I am totally left handed so a doll or a puppet I could definitely not make. So what I was left with was what I have a clue about is baking: I baked her a cake.


Although I do not bake cakes too often either, I had nobody to learn it from. I have a couple of correct cake forms a spreading tool and a kitchen aid for whipping and making creams.
When I have talked to my mom about my project she took the opportunity to ask me to make on her behalf also one cake for her birthday grandchild. I of course said yes with pleasure. So there was nothing else to do but to do the shopping for my double cake projects.

I was sure of one thing that I will stay on the healthy side with my sweets, even if I choose a traditional cake I will reform it. I was also sure that by using small berries I could decorate the cakes and cover well too. The latter is important when we cannot spread immaculately the cream over the cake.

Finally I decided to make a white chocolate mousse-blueberry sponge cake using almond flour and xylitol. The second cake I decided for was a red-currant chocolate ganache cacao sponge cake from almond flour. Before I started my double cake project I planned every step ahead.

First I baked the sponge cakes one after the other. I wanted to make two nice cuts so they needed to get cool after the baking. Since I was working with almond flour and a bit of baking soda they did not rinse too much. However, it was not a problem, as I was originally planning a one layer and cover cakes.

I knew that until the sponge cakes were getting baked and cooled, I would have time to make the creams. First, I have done the red-currant and the blueberry sauce and the white chocolate mousse and the ganache. The later one I have done a couple of times. I have lightened the ganache with mascarpone because I wanted a lighter chocolate cream with the red-currant.


When everything got cooled and the creams have reached their texture for spreading, there was nothing else to do but my favorite activity what I am still to practice. This was the decoration, which I like so much to do as it is the most creative part of the project. I love it, the ideas are always coming in the meanwhile when the cakes are being decorated. You should try it too; it is a very enjoyable activity.
My mom and me were both satisfied with the result so we started off happy for the birthday party. We made the little girl happy with our cakes and the guests praised my cake creations.

Maybe I have just started some kind of reform cake craze .

You can find the recipes for the cakes in desserts.