Coconut in all of its form can be a first aid help for us during the sugar stop, if we were carving for sweets. We can eat as coconut gratings, flakes, milk, cream, water or oil/butter.

Coconut also contains sugar in a little amount depending also on the ripeness (younger coconuts contain less sugar). In the unsweetened coconut products the sugar content is minimal (in 100 ml approx. 2 g), above all this, the sugar content is mostly glucose, and the less part is fructose.
Coconut oil has a lot of advantages. It is built of middle length fat acids, so our cells make the molecules in there immediately energy. Coconut oil has less calories than any other fat/oil. To eat coconut oil has many advantages, some of them are:
– it helps with digestion and to benefit from vitamins more that dissolve in fat
– it helps fight against virus and bacteria
– helps our body to dissolve calcium and magnesium
– extremely strong antioxidant
– helps to have a normal hormone level
– anti-aging
– helps metabolism
Coconut water – you can buy them in organic stores- gives real kick to the human body. It hydrates three times better than water. The coconut water you can get from the young coconuts is almost the same like human blood plasma, so it is universal donor.
An interesting fact is that during the World War II on the Pacific shore both opposed parties have used coconut water as an emergency blood transfusion for the soldiers injured between 1941 and 1945. If you ever travel some place where fresh coconut is, don’t miss it, you must taste coconut water.
In Europe you can buy Thai coconut most of the time in Asian shops or bigger supermarkets. If you find, you should definitely buy some. The brown hairy coconut that most of us are familiar with is the old ones. These normally also have some water; we should not hesitate drinking it. Its white “meat” has more fibers, we should chew it because of its beneficial coconut fat in there. Here is some of the advantage of drinking coconut water:
– it is an excellent source of nutrient source for kids
– it well hydrates the body
– excellent tonic for all generations
– it helps to get rid of kidney stones
A piece of advice: we should pick those products that they store in glass when we want to buy coconut oil and we should not buy such coconut water that is stored in aluminum.
And now you may wonder how we can use and prepare coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut water or flakes.
E.g. we can a spoon of coconut oil to smoothies, or we can make it instead of milk with coconut water. We can toast the coco flakes in a dry pan in the morning and add it to our breakfast e.g. to our yoghurt. Or we can just freeze coconut cream and a few hours later eat our coco ice-cream. We can prepare a rise pudding with coconut milk, or replace milk in cake dough with coconut milk.
I am hoping share with you some of the recipes during the sugar give up diet, so you can also eat this earthly goodie.