The shooting of the Konyhafőnök was over, which gave me such an adrenalin bomb that I had never had on a challenge. When I finished my competition and shooting, I felt like I burnt out and I did not know what to do with the spare time I suddenly had.

I got a lot of encouragement from the Chef, which gave me a good kick to start up a plan I had for long time. So I started to organize what I had not even dared to dream before. With the help of acquantances and with my own investment I was able to organize my first video shooting. It took a lot of time and my energy to put together a day of videoblogs shooting and how we are going to progress during the day of shooting. I thank to the staff for their professional support and help. They are currently working on cutting the videos, hopefully, I can soon show the videorecipes to you. I can hardly wait!
My goal was to shoot a bunch of blogs on easy-to-prepare dishes so that people who normally does not like to spend time int he kitchen will also get into the hype to cook! 
After we were over the video shooting, I started to search for music for my films. I mainly was searching for a lead music or tone for my headline and a riff for the videos. Always the first is the real – and this was true for my choice of music. When I was listening to it, I knew this is what I want to use for my videos!
In my choice the main criteria was that I wanted to use a Hungarian Artist and another important issue was that it has to be quality music as I am aiming for quality in everything that surrounds me so I wanted to express this in the choice of my music too.
Soon I will discover for you which song I have picked and who this quality Hungarian Artist is.