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Mango salad

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This simple Thai salad is not only visibly gorgeous and beautiful smelling but also we will do good to our health if we eat it with our without meat. It is an excellent summer side dish for grilled meat but we can as well serve it with striped fried chicken breast. It is important to buy ripe mango, the rest are seasonal vegetables so they are delicious anyways. I always try to use bio vegetables.


Blue cheese dip

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I have also tried this dip first time in the US. I am not so keen on blue cheese itself; however, I like this dip because the cream cheese we add nicely smoothens the intensity and bitterness of the blue cheese. It is served with spicy chicken wings, French fries or with steak potatoes in the US. They also serve it with celery and carrot sticks as finger food or appetizer. That is also my recommendation this time.


Cheese souffle – classic version

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salt and pepper Some important know-hows on soufflé making: - they rinse up because we mix air in the dough - when we take it out of the oven, we should serve it immediately, as it gets easy shrinking (we cannot open the oven during baking them either – at least in the first 20 min) - the soufflé forms should everywhere be coated with butter before filling the dough in