The Csali Csárda (name of a typical Hungarian restaurant with traditional furniture and menu) has caused me a positive surprise. If someone would like to eat something good in a nice surrounding, I can only recommend it.

Our German guest decided one of the days to take us out for dinner. My husband chose the place because he already tried the place.
I must tell you honestly that when we entered the restaurant I was not expecting too much good.
The inside part of the restaurant was completely empty, there were no guests. Where there are no quests at dinner time, that place is always a little suspicious to me. We were progressing to the our place with some skepticism in the big typical Hungarian Csárda. But when we got to the terrace we were amazed from the view. The lake-side terrace was situated on the edge of the reeds and people were eating their dinners. All my doubts flew away and I was curiously sitting at our table.
The waiter was very polite as soon as he noticed we have German people in our company, he switched to German and offered his services. The service was all along simple, fast and effective.
Everybody in our company was ordering a different dish. I started up with a cognac sour-cherry soup, which was real delicious. At home I don’t normally make a fruit soup as my husband does not like it. So if I have a chance to have it in the summer time in a restaurant from fresh fruits I go for it. It was an excellent choice. It was not slushy, there were no whipped cream inside that would make it heavier. It was really silky.
For the main course, I had a Winner Schnitzel from veal, the real one, with mashed potatoes which I had learnt was a home made one, which is why I chose it. I have made another good decision with the choice of the dish. The Schnitzel has got a really crispy breading with a perfect thickness of veal meat. The latter is important because in restaurants they like to over tenderize the veal so that it looks bigger… The mashed potatoes were also great, like you would make it at home. I had some fresh lettuce with it with a traditional dressing. I chose home-made ice-cream for dessert, vanilla and chocolate. However it was watery it was doing its function, cooled me in the heat.
Everyone stood up satisfied in our company. We are pleased to go back to the Csali Csárda again anytime. It is beautiful around the lake so we took a walk around after the dinner. We just caught the sunset and it gave us such an experience like we have gone on holiday for a couple of hours somewhere.
It was a pleasant evening.