(lángos = Hungarian deep fried flat bread see pix)

Lángos, coffee, ice-cream – They well know that in Szentendre that they will see their guest again if they let their tourists leave their places with pleasant gastronomical experience.

We have „seasoned” the stay of our German guests with a Szentendrei sightseeing one of the mornings. Since they wanted to eat lángos, we headed direct to the Lángos place in the city center. This is a cultic place, so who comes to Szentedre to eat lángos will surely wait their turn in this alley where we did. The location of the place is already pretty amazing, and the lángos they always make fresh and so delicious. I always go for plain lángos with a little bit of garlic cream on top and salt. You can request it with several different toppings. My German guest went for the cheese and sour cream topping version. We were all satisfied. The lángos was perfectly crispy on the edges and soft the inside part, just as it has to be. We did not mind to go for this round!
We have had our resreshments and coffees at the terrasse of the Kereskedőház Restaurant ont he main square. The service was fast and professional. This time we did not eat there, however, I have heard some good about their food so once we are going to try that too.
We contiued our gastro walk to the Centrum Ice-cream shop in, where to my great surprise, you could get a lot of tastes in sugarfree version. I have chosen from these one scoop raspberry and one scope walnut. Unfortunately, I did not like the raspberry, it had not an intensive fruit taste, but rather water taste. However, the walnut tasted good. The others were so much disappointed in their choices that one of them decided to go over to the Levendula ice-cream shop and compares the selection. What he got there, he was a bit more satisfied with.

There were a lot of street food booths on one of the main street leading to the main square in Szentendre. They had a selection of dishes they offered. Nonetheless, we did not eat anything there we were all full already from the lángos.

There are a lot of small family-run restaurants and bistros in Szentendre. The owners of these places know it very well that they need to give some pleasant gastronomical experience to their guest coming from Budapest and the surrounding regulary to eat out in order to come back.
We will surely come back!