Since I got addicted to gastronomy and cooking, I know that at least once I must check out the Kistücsök that has become reputable. On the Budapest Gourmet Festival, I always taste some dish at their stand which I always find very tasty. I follow their dishes and their creations on the Facebook, so I was long time looking for the opportunity to go with my husband to the Kistücsök in Balatonszemes.

On my husband’s birthday we had a business meeting scheduled in Nagykanizsa, so as a surprise I booked a table for lunch in the restaurant, which one of the 10 best countryside restaurant for years.
When we arrived at the restaurant on the lake Balaton short after mid-day, there were already some guests sitting at some table and more people came during our stay. We got a warm welcome and we could sit at any of the tables, so we sit down by the window to a big round comfortable table.

We had a Hungarian style cock meat soup as an appetizer, which was a portion for minimum 2 persons or for 3 so we decided to share that. It had a nice taste. It was served with home-made pasta which was real great. There were some nice pieces of the cock served in the soup and of course the vegetables. All in all, we had a nice Sunday kind of meat soup on a Monday.

As a main dish my husband had a duck leg with fried cabbage pasta. I believe the duck was done through confiting as it was so soft and pleasant seasoned. The cabbage pasta was also tasty and it was a real good idea to fry it too.
My main dish was a dear leg piece with fried potato dumplings and a hunter style sauce. I loved the plating. The meat was just perfect, I loved it. It was very practical that I could add the sauce to my dish like I wanted as it was served in a separate little glass. This sauce was so amazing. The fried potato dumplings were also great.
Unfortunately, there was no place left for dessert, we got so filled with the soup and the main course. Besides that, firstly, we normally eat bigger portions for dinner and some sandwitch or salad only for lunch, so we are not used to big lunches. Secondly, I did not even want to force dessert as I have made a small surprise birthday cake and this was waiting for us still at home. However, we had a coffee to finish our lunch.
In this February spring-like weather, the Kistücsök turned out to be a pleasant birthday lunch place. The service was also great and helpful with choosing the dishes.
Should I ever eat in the Kistücsök again? Of course yes! Just let another occasion come!