I have already raised my colleagues interests about the dishes I make. They have all watched me and supported me in the Master Chef. I wanted to return their kindness that is why I organized a garden party by us, so that they could finally taste my dishes.

We found a Saturday in September when almost everyone could organize their program in a way that they could come for an afternoon to us.
I have already started to prepare for the weekend in the middle of the week at least in my brain. I have put the menu together for almost 20 people. I have planned Goulash for the main dish. To fulfill this I needed to discuss it with my husband whether he takes care of that as I knew that I would still have some stuff to prepare Saturday morning as I could not make all what I wanted in advance. Of course, my husband said yes so the main dish was fixed.
I have decided for finger food before the Goulash. I wanted to serve my guests not only delicious but also healthy food. Therefore I decided for the following: BLT bites, salmon with cream cheese and cucumber, goat cheese, chili and avocado wrapped in prosciutto, Caprese bites, teriyaki meatballs and salami roll-ups with cream cheese and spicy paprika. I thought that these dishes would be excellent for the purpose of the afternoon to enjoy a glass of wine with or avoid starving while the Goulash is getting prepared.
From the finger food, I could prepare a day ahead the cream cheese bases, the salami roll-up, the teriyaki meat balls. The rest I needed to make fresh Saturday morning to have a pleasant look when serving. I have served all the finger food at once so that everyone could take for themselves the finger food they preferred.
I have chosen fruit desserts to serve. I have made an blueberry cobbler and a plum pie. For both, you need the same crust, so I need to make one kind of dough. I have prepared two types of filling. Further on, I have prepared a reform peach cake with almond flour. The dough and the fillings you can prepare in advance and then store it in the fridge until use. I left baking the cobbler and the pie for Saturday morning but the peach cake I made in advance a day ahead.
There has been a photo report made of the party since there was a nice photographer couple also visiting us. Thanks for the beautiful photos to Hajni Török and Balázs Mahunka. I am going to show you some of them now that give you back the atmosphere of the party.