We arrived at Mary-Allen McTague’s degustation dinner with great interest and curiosity, and last but not least we were also hungry. The later might have been our biggest problem. The thing that we went hungry for a 5 course menu, and we stayed hungry for the duration of the complete dinner that lasted more than a 4-hour.


The first course was the home-aged goat ham with goat cheese, which I did not really find too special. I have not met any astonishing flavor. In terms of portion, the size of the dish was as of an amuse-bouche, in other words, it could have fitted on a table spoon too.


However, the second course of the historic English dinner presented by the Globalista Konyha was very impressive. The tomato consommé with cucumber and borage was such a tomato essence soup that was just simply breath-taking. It brought back the taste of the tomato I last time had in my childhood. It was served chilled with cucumber pieces that combination of tastes reminded me of a gaspacho.


The main dish was lamb with cockle shells, peas, sorrel and parsnip. It had a pleasant taste, but we can also make a delicious lamb at home like this. It was not a special dish, the cockle shells we needed to search in the dish to find one or two. The side dish accompanying the lamb did not really crash me as days after I could only remember it by reading the menu again.


The fourth course was a sorbet: sour cherry granita with a lemon verbena cream. On my own culinary journeys I have learnt that sorbet you serve between two main dishes to help digest and make space for the next course. However, in this case there was not many things to digest or too many courses left to make space for as we really got mini cat portions and the only course left was the dessert. The sorbet both the sour cherry granita and the lemon verbena cream tasted great.


By the time we got to eat our dessert, each of our company was starving. The taste of the Peach Melba was a top culinary experience. And I would have continued eating and eating… But all we got was a spoonful of peach and a star shaped vanilla cream.

Our company kept discussing about food after the dessert… We talked about what we were going to eat for dinner after a dinner as they really made us starving that evening. We felt this way even though we were aware of attending a degustation dinner and knowing that smaller portions get served on such occasions. On top of all I love to eat and serve myself small portions but the sizes we got on Mary-Allen McTague’s dinner were ridiculously small portions.

The wine that we could taste with the menu were good, but we would needed some food with that too, as from white wine you can only get hungry.
If you would ask me whether I would go for the Globalista Konyha’s dinner again? I would then answer: only after a dinner. 🙂