Fat does not make you gain weight as opposed to sugar. Sugar is not good for our liver, confuses our hormone system and never gives the feeling of being full.

For obesity, actually it is sugar that is responsible and not fat.
Trust me it will come back to fashion to eat fat here as well soon. I have already started to follow this brand new trend; because the studies I read did convince me that fat is good for us.
Many of us have been brought up with the being convinced that fat is bad and unhealthy for the human body and its consumption leads to the rising of cholesterol and heart problems. This theory started to spread around in the ’60s in the USA when the president that time got a heart attack. A research team has investigated the roots of his heart attack and blamed the saturated fat. This view has made the light food industry business start to flourish. We started to eat margarine instead of butter and we put the plant related oils in preference (such as rape oil or corn oil).
However, recently it turned out that the theory based on scientific studies set 50 years ago are wrong. Nutrition scientists have realized that for being overweight and having heart problems is caused by overconsumption of sugar. Regardless this fact, the light food industry is currently still flourishing and is a big business. Nonetheless, they forget to advertise with the light products that they pump them up instead of the fat with high fructose corn syrup, HFCS, for flavor enhancing and consistency improvement.
Eating fat makes you full, because the „appetite hormones” get active pretty fast and we have a feeling of having had enough after a little amount of fat. You may have also already noticed that after eating cheese and nuts your hunger goes away.
The important thing is to find the balance, in other words, if we eat equally from everything we will not become overweight. Not even from fat or meat. Our body needs fat too as it activates the metabolism through the synthesis of several Vitamins (such as vitamin D) . So consuming good fat can even help us lose weight. I am going to write about the different types of fat in one of my next coming blog.
Unfortunately the human body has been created in a way that we can consume sugar non-stop our body does not mind it. Since the „ appetite hormone” does not switch on to say no, we can devour chocolate or cakes without feeling full. That is why e.g. we are able to drink half a liter soft drink or juice in one shot. I wonder whether we would be able to drink the same amount from a fat yogurt in one shot. I doubt!
Some nutrition scientist state that fructose (fruit sugar) is good because it does not rapidly change the insulin concentration in our body like glucose does. The low contain GI (glycaemia index) products (e.g. agave) break down slower, therefore they raise the blood sugar level slower too, they often name it as a sugar alternative. But we should take care with these products since if they have it with low GI they are going to have it full with fructose instead.
So fructose transforms into fat directly in our body by overloading the liver. At the end from the fat acid will be transformed into fat tissue.
Sugar mixes up our hormone system too. This leads to complicated carving and deficiency diseases… and we just keep feasting with sugar..
But we are soon going to give up sugar! I hope you will join me!

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