The human body is not at all prepared for consuming sugar endless, however, we are capable of eating even a kg of sugar in a week in the form of cakes, ice-cream, fruit jams or fruit juices. I will give you some ideas how to stop carving for sugar.

If you have been following my blog spots on sugar, by now you might also consider reducing your weekly sugar consumpotion. I am going to give you some ideas how you can reduce your carving for sugar.
You should definitely avoid products where sugar is hidden in unhealty additives. These sugar can be named as beet sugar (such as cane sugar or sucrose), honey, cornsugar syrup, fructose, malt syrup, grape sugar (glucose), maple syrup or artifical sweeteners.
Let’s avoid food with sugar and snacks too. I mean the traditional cakes and cookies, ice-creams, jams, candies, fruit juices, puddings or pastries or any kind of bread, chewing gum, and sweetened soft drinks, bisquits or liqures.
We should also avoid the hidden sugar in the processed food. There is plenty of sugar in the ketchup, int he ready salad sauces, int he soured vegetables (not real fermented such as sweetened cucumber or soured paprika), tin food, tinned fruits, peanut butter, frozen vegetables, cold cuts or sweetened yoghurt.
It is important that we consciously do not drink any sweetened soft drinks. Did you know that in one tin of 0,33 cola there there is 10 coffee spoons of sugar?
If this is not persuading you, I give you a few more examples:

  • one glass of fruit juice (apple juice) has about 10-12 coffee spoons of sugar
  • one apple has about 2-3 coffee spoons, until a banana has about 4 coffee spoons of sugar inside (we should not forget that half of all the sugar content is fructose)
  • in a handful of dates or raisin has about 5-7 coffee spoons of sugar (these fruits have about 70% of them sugar)
  • a fruit muffin contain about 11 coffeespoons of sugar
  • one pouring portion of ketchup has about 2 coffee spoons of sugar
  • one glass of low-calory yogurt has about 6 coffee spoons of sugar inside
  • in a portion of pasta dressing, there are 4 coffeespoons of sugar.

If we can avoid eating the above mentioned food or drinks, we are already closer to our goal, to reduce sugar consumtion and increase the good fat consumtion, so that we can much easier give it up later on.
We can reduce our sugar carving with raw cacao (the cacao bean powder), tea and the tea drinking ritual that we use, slowly drinking it, can also reduce our temptation for sugar. We can season our tea with cardamon or the anti-imflamatory cinnemon, and we should drink the naturally sweeter roibos tea. And we should consume fat cheese when we carve, and then w eget full very fast.
Coconut oil is also perfect for resisting sugar temptation. You can add it to fruit smoothies, we can bake with it (veggies, such as pumpkin) or simply we take a spoon out and it it.
Coconut water has a very low fructose content, it reduces sugar carving immediately. Best is to get a baby coconut and drink the juice out of that, which hydrates the body, since it is full of minerals and magnesium.
Do not forget: biologically we are created to have 5-6 coffee spoons of sugar per day.
Soon we really get started and going to give up sugar. I hope you are going to join me!