I had decided to come up with cooking videoblogs regulary in the future on my cooking blog. I have spent all my week with the necessary preparations.

I have never made cooking videoblogs so it is a real challenge for me but I am eager to take it. The set for the shooting shall be my own kitchen, this way you can see where I cook for my family on a daily basis and of course for you to follow it on my videoblog.

I have started preparing by choosing first the dishes I am going to show you. This came together in a few days. I believe I have found great light summer dishes that are easy to prepare and I am happy to share them with you. I trust that you can easily make them too. I have also paid attention no to waste too much time in the kitchen on cooking and baking as people in the summer do not want to spend their free time in the kitchen but it is still such a rewarding thing to put a nice dinner on the table for your loved ones after a long day. I also took care when choosing the dishes for the video that they are healthy. Trust me, it can be still healthy and delicious!

We start shooting Monday. I hope you can watch my short videos soon. Besides picking the dishes out for these videos, I have also organized my kitchen real neat and handy. It got a charm deco with lots of flowers. The only thing I have to do is the big shopping for the shooting. So I must go organic market and to my butcher. Sunday I am going to pick some fresh flowers from the garden and the fields that will decorate my kitchen Monday.
For the more curious ones, I am going to bring some werk photos of Monday shooting.