We photographed 12 dishes yesterday in a record timing. The pictures will be published in a gastro magazine in the next quarter year and in one special bookazine, moreover, we were charged to make the cover photo for the bookazine. I am so proud of this.

My photographer was leading the project who was the photographer and the food stylist at the same time, and I was working for him to make the dishes and supporting his styling too with my ideas. I was very satisfied at the end of the day since my perfectionism was not damaged meaning I could co-operate as a half-amateur cook with a professional. Nonetheless, it had been a lot of preparations ahead of the photo shooting so that it could go as smooth as it went.

For each issue of the magazine – in accordance with season’s available vegetables and fruits – I had planned the dishes. Then I have made a schedule of the food that we follow and keep to during the day. There were some dishes that I could make in advance a day ahead or on the morning of the photos hooting. Therefore by the time the photographer arrived I was ready to set up the first few food photo-shoots so there was not waste of time or waiting for some dishes to start with. It was a perfect planning because we were working in a perfect harmony and timing so we had only a few short coffee breaks.

The shopping list is also an important part of such a photo shooting. It is not a good to miss anything as there is no time to run out shopping during the shooting. I had planned this also in advance however there was a bit of an extra that I needed to get super fresh vegetables and fruits on a Sunday basically, but I did manage it with my local vegetable shop.

To put together the decoration was a pleasant activity. For such a project shooting, I am putting out decoration on the big dining table thinking over my dishes wisely what we might be able to use, such as plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery, fresh flowers, etc. that can come handy to my photographer. Anyways, he always also brings a whole bag of properties; he does have a whole collection. He once told me, he has at home a whole room filled up with photo shooting properties.
The dishes are always firstly get tested by my husband and the photographer. This also means that I fully cook and bake all dishes to readiness and we do not involve any tricks so that they would look better on the pictures. However, it turned out that they both loved the tastes and the dishes, I believe we got all full by the end of the day.
The whole atmosphere of the photo shooting were raised by our two giant schnauzers, Lulu and Jack (Csirkefogo), who were eager to assist during the work let it be about superfood, salad, spicy rustic lard cream or the last bite falling off at the end of the shooting day. To sum it up, they gave also some good energies to this day, cool doggies. 
Thanks for this project we share with Arpi! @pixeltaster!