We have met with Creative Chef Eszterrel és Györki Attilával from Egy szakács naplója blog but I guess not for the last time. We have had a great evening together where we had not only cooked a Marton-day menu but we also made a recording of it which we shall show you soon.

The social media site has brought us together we have never personally met before but all the three of us have followed on each other’s work in the kitchen with great interest. What happened was that we were commenting on one of our food post funnily that we are going to cook together once. I have taken this funny opportunity to make it happen and started to organize the meeting with Eszer and Attila. I have offered my kitchen for the common cooking.
We are going to share the film and the Marton-day menu with those interested soon, if someone likes it will be able to prepare it for the special day coming or just like that too.
So Eszter and Attila came as unknown acquaintances, as before we have only heard about each other, we have chatted but only virtually, so the meeting I managed to organize seemed very exciting.
They have arrived at the same time, two hours before the shooting started so we had time to „get together” and go through the script who is going to prepare what and how he or she adds to the Marton-day menu. Attila started with a special pumpkin cream soup, Eszter has made goose breast as a main dish with pumpkin variations, and I have taken care of the dessert with making a New York Cheese cake with an othello essence, caramel and toasted pecan nuts and grapes. Everyone had time to prepare with the basic ingredients needed for their dish so that we could start with the shooting in time.
Oven heated up, ingredients prepared, cameramen set, slate started.
I have brought you some more werk photos of the shooting where we had a good work time together with the professional staff.
All the three of us had a good time together in the kitchen, so we agreed that next time we are going to cook by Eszter maybe a Christmas menu.
You can soon find the film on my Youtube channel. I am going to share the link of course on my blog as well.