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Preparing kocsonya

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Hungarian traditional winter aspic dish. I like to prepare the kocsonya always a few days before Christmas, because if we are Hungary in the morning or in the evening, we have something in the house to eat and we can stay lazy during the Xmas holidays. I am also happy to serve with a plate of kocsonya, which they are pleased with. I experience that a lot of women (housewives) would not start making kocsonya, but trust me it is worth it, since it is not at all difficult to make. To tell the truth it only takes long to make. You need one of your Saturdays for that. But in the meanwhile we can have something else to do such as packing presents, baking a cake or just stay lazy on the couch.


Quinoa salad

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Quinoa salad with roasted vegetables, toasted pine nuts and green herbs - Quinoa is a plant growing in Peru and Bolivia, it belongs to the family of beet root. It is not a grain. It is gluten free and it has very low calorie content, so anybody on a diet can easy go for it as well. Quinoa is an excellent protein source. It contains all the amino acids that our body cannot produce itself.