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Bean soup with smoked pork leg

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From twelfth-night till cremation is the time of carnival. This the time to party to attend balls, eat and drink. So the traditional meals this time of the year contain a lot of meat so that after drinking alcohol, these heavier dishes can help to settle the stomach, body and the soul when you are having hangover. Let’s start the carnival dishes with a traditional smoked pork leg soup, which I had learnt how to make from my dear father, so cooking it brings back nice memories too.


Puy lentil with vegetables and fresh parsely

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Puy or beluga lentil is the caviar of lentils. It has been grown for more than 2000 years in the Puy provance of France. Its taste is like walnut and like minerals. We do not have to soak this in water as we do with other lentis.