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Filled & rolled leaves with colorful spring salad

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I used all parts of the beetroot during my cooking. I made a colorful spring salad where I put the beetroot itself and the stems. I blanched the stems and the leaves and I baked the beetroot itself. The end result is very tasty and it is also very healthy. This dish is a perfect choice, even if you have guests since it is served cold so we can prepare it in advance.


Quinoa salad

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Quinoa salad with roasted vegetables, toasted pine nuts and green herbs - Quinoa is a plant growing in Peru and Bolivia, it belongs to the family of beet root. It is not a grain. It is gluten free and it has very low calorie content, so anybody on a diet can easy go for it as well. Quinoa is an excellent protein source. It contains all the amino acids that our body cannot produce itself.