I have tried to learn the basics of sushi making at the Chefparade Cooking School and how lucky I have been to have a Japanese Chef, Yusuke, teaching us.

This way, I could hear the secrets of sushi making from an authentic source.
In the cooking school, we had the opportunity to get to know the basic ingredients used for sushi from the vinegar to the algae. We could as well learn about the tools used for the traditional Japanese dish preparation. The chef was teaching us sushi rice cooking techniques that must be done with care and attention. Further on, he was also teaching us how to mix the rice in a way that it will not fall apart in the sushi. We have been cutting fresh salmon, made California rolls, maki and nigiri too. At the end we cooked some miso soup.
Each occasion, I enjoyed these courses as I could always learn something new and also get to learn an exciting new dish to make.
Since then, I am brave enough to start sushi making at home.
Would you like a video on how to prepare sushi at home the easiest way?
Rocky Adri