However we stopped shooting, the Konyhafőnök somehow got built in my everyday life. Let me explain what I mean.
On the one hand, I can feel that a friendship is starting.

I really got to like Tanya, my competitor. Since we finished shooting, we have already met several times and we agreed to meet again and we look forward to meet our other competitors too. On this meetings we discuss who was cooking what, what new tricks we learnt and where the culinary trends are heading, all in all we talk lingo, 🙂


On the other hand, this weekend my old school mate from grammar school called me whether I would have time and mood to help his son with some advice in the kitchen so that he would be prepared for the third, final round of the Junior Master Chef coming up. I was glad to help, so we met this afternoon. I tried my best to give him over as much knowledge as possible and the experience I gained during the Master Chef competition. I hope he will get into the show. If yes, I know for sure whom I am going to support! Come on Z! 🙂