Honestly, I started to give up organizing this party. I have been trying to get together with my Master Chef’s competitors, and sent out several invitations, but everybody said no for my tries due to their other summer weekend plans. But I did not give it up!

And how wise it was not to give it up and keep trying, since not too long ago, I could manage to organise the garden party by us where Titusz and Tania and some of her family could come together with two other couples, friends of ours.


I was enthusiastic to prepare for the Sunday party already Saturday afternoon as it was quite a challenge for me to host my two very strong competitors in the Master Chef season 2 Hungary (Konyhafőnök). I have first created the menu for the party from dishes I have not made for a while, then I set up the cooking and preparation schedule , what, when I am going to prepare. This was necessary so on the day of the party I had hardly anything to do, only to host my guest and to grill some meat together with our guests. This was my plan.
I have started preparing with some appetizers: lemon-chieves baked goose fat cream served in fermented cucumber, cold chili tomato soup with basli oil and blansired celery sticks. Both of the dishes I could prepare almost full ready. Sunday moring I only needed to feel the cream int he cucumber and to blansir fresh the celery sticks as easy as that. I have prepared another appetizer, bacon wrapped grilled dates with camember and rosmary. This had to be only grilled in a few min Sunday. My appetizers were a great success.


For the main dish, I have marinated some meat: lemon-green spiced chicken breast, Korean BBQ chicken legs and honey-mustard chicken. As a side dish I prepared only a pesto potatoes as one of the couples promised to bring some salads. I have also marinated some souvlaki (lamb). My guest loved them all, so all food was gone, there was no leftover.


Tania was bringing the dessert, a beautiful and delicious cake (you can follow Tanya’s blog here), and the other couple was surprising us with a lovely raspberry tiramisu, so who wanted could take their sugar needs too.
The party was a great success. Everybody has a good time, so my husband and me got good feedback from our guests. I attach some photos so that I can give you over the flow of spirits.
I hope we are going to have another party with Tania and Titusz.