The garden party went real well last weekend. What I all prepared I got the ingerdients at the market place from small farmers.

My meat speacialist is also located at the market place so I could shop everything at the same location. I bought the burger meat and the Burgerland ribeye steak from the butcher I have never been disappointed since his meat is always excellent quality.

Attila Rácz, his expert knowledge on meat is simply a guarantee that cooking and eating will be an experience too. If you pass by the meat shop of Attila Rácz, go and check his shop and if you like some meat, go for it, I can higly recommend it.

Every guest made their main dish on their own on this garden party. Luckily everyone enjoyed the cooking. It was a nice program for all of us, you should also give it a try once! This time, we cut the vegetables for the burgers also togethes so they were real fresh for the burgers. The burger rolls I got from my butcher too, they were excellent. All of my guests loved the burger meat, it had a great mix of meat and suet.

I have made the Burgerland ribeye steak around dinner time long after the dessert. My guests loved the excellent quality steak that I managed to prepare well. This meat I needed to add only a bit of salt and pepper before making it, and at the end a bit of butter ont he top because the taste of the meat you must enjoy without any seasoning it is so perfect.