I have been flirting with the Michelin-star bistro for a while now, looking at their menus and dishes. I respect the work and creative cuisine of Mr Akos Sarkozi, the chef. My birthday was an excellent opportunity to try the Michelin-star bistro.

When we arrived at the early evening hours, it was almost already full house. We got a warm welcome. There is no white table cloth on the tables, but there is a chef who mixes the ingredients in a way that one tastes buds can hardly manage the taste orgies.
The dishes you can choose from: there is a short seasonal a la carte menu, there is on a black board a daily menu, some appetizers, some main dishes and some desserts. And as it is usually in gourmet restaurants, there is a degustation menu too, where the restaurant and chef can present their signature dishes. This menu recommended by the chef can be 5, 6 or 7 courses. This menu is for a fixed price. There was in all of the choices some interesting sounding dishes so it wasn’t easy to choose from. We could make our selection from Hungarian and International dishes as well on a bistro range-price which I would like to emphasize since it is a Michelin-star level, we are talking about.
Finally, we chose from the a la carte menu and from the daily recommendations our appetizers, main dish and dessert. I have started with a sour cabbage soup and my husband with duck liver. We were overawed by Chef Sárközi . My soup got served to my plate in front of me. I got in the middle of my plate some cabbage and carrots cut equal and it might have been just blansired. On top of this were some grilled shrimps. And the waiter filled my plate with the sour cabbage soup. Heavenly combination of tastes: sour cabbage and grilled shrimps. My husband’s duck liver was also delicious. As for the main dish, my husband ordered roasted lamb and I took a veal stew. I am going to tell you now how it was. The veal was real soft and crispy, the chef was confiting it. On my plate there was some tomato based stew juice, pearl-barley and a piece of gingered cocktail tomato which I do not know how the chef must have prepared it, but that little piece of tomato was so intensely gingered, it was harmonizing so well with the stew juice and the veal. For the dessert we took a selection of their desserts and the waiter brought it with a firework for my birthday. I have no clue where he knew it from that I have my birthday… Furthermore, he signaled that I can have a quick look in their kitchen and the chef which pleased me really. I would like to thank here again for the opportunity!
If I would ever go back to the Winekitchen? I can hardly wait for the next opportunity to taste Akos Sarközi’s cusine again. Thank you!