Cooking at home can be a very positive and a common family activity too. In other words: some experience. It is not one of a boring women’s housworks tasks.

With my husband, Thomas, we really like to host guests at our place, so it often happens that we cook together. Before cooking together we always discuss who is going to prepare what, we can well distribute the cards, :).

Thomas – being German – has learnt to make such a Hungarian Goulash Soup that our friends with practical cooking experience always compliment on. He always makes it with care so the different savors go harmonic.
We often organise a goulash party in the springs and summers for our friends, we really love these family tightening and get-closer-to-your-friend sessions.

My mother is also often our guest by us, we often cook togheter with her too. I also like to „work” together with her! 🙂
If the weather is not so nice outside, we still do not get upset. We love decorate our home nice and wait for our family and friends and any other guests with a nice prepared table. For us it has always been important to have our guests feel at home by us. My husband is such a good host too. We can so well co-opearte in this too…
We have already been thinking to open up a small bistro where once we will make our own dishes. We shall see what the future brings…
Have a nice day!
Rocky Adri