Tips for a perfect garden party (2.) – On a perfect garden party, not only the guest but also the host should have a really good time. Therefore, I give you some new ideas so that your guest can enjoy a pleasant surrounding and also enjoy a perfect meal and the hosts can take it easy too.

Appetizer on a skewer in a Mediterranean style
How good does that sound? We can pull all the delicious ingredients on the morning of the party for the skewer. What should go on the skewer? I would leave that with your fantasy and creativity. I definitely recommend that you pull some veggies on the skewer.
My recommendation is the following: we should cut up lettuce or some other green salad to smaller pieces that will fit on the skewer, then we should pull on each one salad, then we can pull some prosciutto on wrapped up nicely. Than we can pull on some olives (black or green seeded), than a slice of Italian salami ( or any other type without paprika), than we pull on a cocktail tomato, a leaf of fresh basil and a mozzarella ball (small one) and we can close it with salad again. We should prepare for each guest 3 skewers this will definitely do. We should keep the prepared skewers in the fridge until serving. We can serve with it some ciabatta or baguette and a some good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Let’s make kebab for the main dish!

We can serve kebabs – a skewer too – as the main course. I stick to the good old Hungarian style kebabs that bring back childhood memories when our family sat together.
I recommend a non-fat pork meat for the meat; a whole medallion will do for a group of 4. We should start the skewer with a quarter of a smaller onion, then we can put a cube of meat, then the fat lard piece (or bacon) that will not let our pork dry out, it will make it soft and juice. This should be followed by a cube/slice of red peppers (kapia), than another cube of meat, then a slice of Hungarian sausage (or some paprika salami) and then we should close the skewer with some vegetables, onions and paprika. We can count 4-5 kebabs for one guest.
We can prepare the kebabs a day ahead if we keep it in the fridge until served.
The kebabs can be made by the guests themselves, enjoying each other’s company around the fire or the grill. I serve a fresh seasonal salad with the kebabs.

Fruit skewers

We can prepare the fruit skewers on the day of the garden party. We should pull on the skewer some kiwi, strawberry, banana and pineapple. They should be cut in cubes (or similar slices). We can pull 3 times each of them on one skewer. It is again in our own hands, depending on our creativity and more on the availability of fruits in the season what fruit skewers we make. We can serve with them vanilla cream or chocolate cream as dips for the fruits. We can prepare both the evening before the garden party.
Isn’t that simple? You will see, all the skewers will be a big success. The menu is light and nice int he spring time and simple to make and we will impress all the guests for sure.

Aroma party!
We think about the bugs and insects too. No mosquitos!

Insects can badly influence the party and disturb our guests. However, a good host, will think about this and with a few tricks we can keep the mosquitos away. On top of all, the home-made citronella candle jars will decorate our table too. We can cut off some lemon, orange and/or lime skin (we can use one of them or a combination of two or all the three. We can put it in a jar with some rosemary, mint leaves and cinnamon rolls (3-4 pcs), than we should put boiling water on them so the aroma can release. When the water is cooled, put in a swimming candle. This will keep the mosquitos away from your guests and will also decorate your table.
It can also be effective against mosquitos if we cut up a lemon into two put in the inside of them cloves. We can prepare from these decorative table items if we put them in water in some nice cups.
I hope I could help you with these ideas set up a perfect garden party in your garden too!