It is a light spring cleaning soup! Bon appetite!


For:  4 people


  1. I clean and peel the asparagus properly (peeling the white ones, taking the hard part off). I cut the heads off and put them aside. The rest I cut up to small pieces for the soup. I clean and chop up one onion. I also clean, peel and cut the potatoes.
  2. I fry the onions on a bit of ghee, and then I add the asparagus and the potatoes. Altogether I fry them for about 5-10 minutes then I add the stock and a little water if needed. I season it with salt and pepper, nutmeg and chili.
  3. I toast the asparagus heads on some ghee and add salt and pepper to it. I serve this on the top of the soup. The soup is ready cooked in about 30 minutes. I blend it and add some cream (or coconut cream) to smoothen and silk our soup.