Beef hunter style used to be one of my childhood’s favorite dishes and it did stay so, because my dad used to make it always very tasty. I wanted to show you with the platting that from this dish you can make out a real festive dish. My hunter style beef is different from others in that I serve also caramelized vegetables (the same as there are in the sauce) with it.


For:  6 people


  1. We cut up to very thin slices the meat. We fry quick both sides on ghee, then we take it out and let it aside. We used the same pot and fry on the leftover ghee the veggies (we can add a little more if needed). First we stir the onion, then we add the garlic, the carrots and the turnips. We continue stirring them. Then we pour about 1 liter water on it, add the bay leaves, salt, pepper, the mustard and the sugar and then we can put back the meat that we earlier fried to cook together with the spices and vegetables. We cover it with a lid and cook it for about 1,5 – 2 hrs until the meat gets soft.
  2. When the meat is already soft we take them out again. We also take out the bay leaves and puree the vegetables with a hand mixer. We can add the sour cream and boil it together short. We can once more mix with the hand mixer.
  3. We cook the potatoes in a salty water then we smash it through for the fried potato dumplings. We let it cool out. We season it with salt, and add as much flour as it takes on. Then we make a dough, roll it out and make with your hand kind of balls, the size you like to have. We cook them in boiling water and wait for them to come on the top, if they do, then cook it for another 5 min until they are ready. Lift them out of the water and then put them in hot ghee to fry them both sides golden brown. We can further salt it if needed.
  4. For the caramelized vegetables I heat up ghee again and first I caramelize the onion then the other veggies, and then I add the sugar, pepper and salt when they are already getting golden brown.