For:  2 people


  1. We do neither peel the onions nor the garlic; we just add them in between the beet roots. We coat them with olive oil and then it can go to the oven for 90 min on 150 C.
  2. While the beet root is getting baked we prepare the risotto ingredients. We cook a vegetable stock (carrots, white carrots, celery, and kale, if we have some bones at home, we can add to the soup but then it takes a bit longer to prepare). I like to cook with good quality wine, since I carefully choose my basic ingredients too; therefore I find it wise to cook our risotto with a good wine. I picked a middle category dry red wine.
  3. We smash the garlic, cut the shallot small and sauté it on olive oil. We add the fresh thyme (taking if off the stem). We fry it a bit. We can add the risotto rice (if we do not have that, we can add round grain rice. We fry it a bit and then we add red wine first, start cooking it on middle heat standing next to it and keep it turning. We continue with wine first and then we start adding the stock. This will take about 20-25 min. Then we add 2/3 of the beetroot to the risotto (we dice the beetroot and peel it before adding to the dish). We can add the parmesan as well and then in about 10 min, we can finally add the butter that will make it more creamy. We decorate it with the rest of the parmesan and the beet root.

Recipe notes

Tip: we can add grilled goat cheese to it for a more comfort food type.