By us the black mussels is rare, you don’t really come across with. So we do not eat it every day. But if by any chance we find some fresh by the Fisherman’s we can easy put together a romantic white wine dinner. We have recently made some according to my own recipe with my husband. We have prepared in 20 mins a magical dish which I can recommend you for the coming Valentine day too. They say mussels are aphrodisiacs.


For:  2 people


  1. We wash through the mussels under running water. I always use a little brush too to get all the dirt off the mussels. We put in the rubbish the mussels that are already open before cooking (they are not good), we only use the rest.
  2. We stir the onion, the carrot and the celery, and then we add the garlic too. We pour the white wine on it then we bring it to the boil. Finally we add the cream and salt as we like. We can add now the mussels to the sauce. We cook it ready in 2-3 mins until they open. We should start cooking the sauce in a bigger pot as the shells are open they become bigger. At the end we add the small cut fresh parsley and then we can serve.
  3. We serve in a big plate, we also put another plate next to it, so that we can put the empty shells somewhere. We always use the shells as a spoon to eat the sauce out or with the fresh baguette.