There are certain dishes that will always remind me of my daddy. He was the one who taught me the basics of cooking. Such a dish is the Brassoi pork medallions with French Fries. To tell you the truth, his was a little heavier but taste wise, I almost make the same like Dad did.


For:  4 people


  1. We cut the meat, the potatoes and the cucumber to small cubes. We put the potatoes in cold water to cook for 3 minutes from the boil. Then we drain the water off and fry them in hot oil (150 C) for about 5 min. It is important not to let the potatoes to start to brown yet. We take them out then let them cool out. Then we fry them ready golden brown in 180 degree oil. This way we can get a texture to the potatoes for which even Mr Jozsef Bernath, Chef also says „This is the one that people go back for!”
  2. We fry the sliced and diced in bacon (lard) in a pan. Then we take them out, we can use them for the plating. The meat can go into the fat of the lard that came out. We let it get fried all around then we can add the garlic, salt & pepper, red paprika and then the origan. We fry the meat with the spices together a few min, then we add a little water just to cover the meat. We cook it ready in about 20 min. Then we can add the cucumber to put a bit of a twist to it.
  3. We can serve! The fried bacon (lard) and some sweet cucumber can decorate the plate. We should definitely put fresh parsley on top!