I have renewed a bit a regular carrot cake recipe. I am sure I will re-bake this recipe a couple more times as it is really delicious, even on the second or the third day for a good breakfast.



  1. We mix the eggs, sugar and oil well. We crash the nuts or grind them with a grinder. We clean the carrots on a bigger cheese grinder. First we add to the eggs mix the walnuts and the carrots, then the baking powder mixed flour. At the end we can add the vanilla, the lemon zest, the chocolate and the cinnamon. We pour the dough in a buttered & floured pan and we bake it on 160 degrees Celsius for 60 min air-heating setting or 90 min on regular settings.
  2. Until the carrot cake is baking we can prepare the cream. We mix well the ingredients. When the cake is cool we cut it in the middle and spread the cream cheese mix on the cake half. If we do not want to cut our cake in the middle we can as well cover the carrot cake with the cream.
  3. This time I have covered it with marzipan. It was very delightful.