This a healthy and really tasty dish. The crispy home-made croutons and the celery chips are especially well going together with this creamy soup. This dish is a guarantee for the fact that celery roots harmonize well with nutmeg.


For:  4 people


  1. We cut up one third of the celery for the chips. We place them on a baking sheet and bake it without any spice or fat for about 10-15 min on 190 degrees until it gets golden brown. We only salt it when it is baked. We will serve it with the soup.
  2. Until our chips is getting baked we prepare the soup too. We stir the onions on a bit of ghee. We add the celery roots and the potatoes and we caramelize them a bit. We do not use any spices as yet. We pour water (about a liter) over the vegetables and cook it soft together with the spices now, with salt, pepper and nutmeg as per your taste. When the potatoes are soft, we can add the cream and mix it with the hand mixer smooth and creamy.
  3. We cut up the bread (bun – kifli) to small cubes and toast it on a bit of ghee. We serve together with the soup.