The cherry gets a real nice taste from the vanilla and the cinnamon. Of course I was not using white flour this time either and replaced sugar by xylitol. I experience the following since I do not eat sugar: I do not crave so much for it since I do eat it, only very seldom. I do not keep chocolate in our home, so if I wanted to have some sweets, this cake will do, will not even have to count calories.



  1. We make a sponge cake. We whip the egg yellows with the xylitol and the spices. Then we whip in the butter too. We whip the egg white with a pinch of salt and a bit of lemon to a hard whip, then we add the white step by step to the egg yellow whip together with the almond flour baking powder mix.
  2. We pour it into a baking pan and put the cherries on top (before we turned them in almond flour so that they stay on the top). If we do not mix the batter too much during the mixing, it will raise better. We put it in a 180 degree oven for more than half an hour. We can replace the cherries with any other summer flour.