Crust and cherry filling go in a lot of different ways well with each other, but most of the time we make a pie out. I decided to re-think all this and I made some rustic crust basket with cherry filling. We can serve it with whipped cream or ice-cream. Very delicious!


For:  12 muffin form size basket


  1. We knead the butter, flour and salt. We do not have to have a super smooth dough. If it has a crumble texture, it is already good. We should add the egg yellow, the cold water and knead it again. We should act fast as we do not want to have the butter melted from our hands therefore it is not necessary to smoothen the dough (if we have a blender, we can make it with that). We should wrap the crust in a plastic foil and put it in the fridge for an hour to cool.
  2. We pit the cherries; add the sugar, the cornstarch and the spices. We let it simmer for a few minutes.
  3. We make a thin sheet and cut it up for the sizes we want. We put them in the muffin forms (with a baking paper or butter under). It can be rustic looking like mine on the picture. We can fill the baskets with the cooled cherry filling and it can go to the oven for 190 C for 35-40 min.