Galette is the pie of the French. You can fill it with basically anything salty or sweet. This time, we are going to fill it with cherries, it is gonna be lovely! We serve it still warm. We can serve it with coconut whipped cream or home-made ice-cream.


For:  8 pie


  1. We make the crust from the cold butter, flour and salt. We do not have to make a super smooth one, when it has a crumble texture, it enough. We add the egg yellow, cold water and knead it through. We should act fast , so that the butter is not melting from our hands. If we have a blender, we can make the crust in there too. We should put it in a plastic wrap in the fridge for an hour to rest.
  2. In the meanwhile we pit the cherries, add the sugar, the cornstarch and the spices. We simmer it for a few minutes on middle-heat. We let it cool down.
  3. We roll a thin crust and cut it into the sizes we would like to have for the galettes. We put in the middle some cherry filling, and we turn the crust up towards the filling.
  4. It can go to the oven for 190 C for 35-40 min.