Sometimes it feels so good to bring back summer into our kitchen. The simplest way for this is to freeze some freshly picked fruits in the summer and take it out of the freezer in winter. I have found this time our own grown organic cherry in ours. I have baked a gluten and sugar free cake. I have also used some dried cranberries. It is a great sweet threat for breakfast and for the afternoon with tea or coffee too.


For:  1 smaller baking pot


  1. We use a hand mixer, first we mix the butter, eggs and sugar. Then we add the zest, the vanilla powder, mix it well, then we can add the flour mix, the milk and the baking powder as well. We continue mixing for a further 2 min.
  2. We put the mixture in a floured, buttered baking pan, we pour the cherries and the dried fruits on it, and we put it in a 190 degree pre-heated oven for about 30-35 min until golden brown.