This combination of food can as well be part of a Sunday lunch. I have been using free-range chicken, this you can feel on its taste. I have cut up the potatoes with a French fries cutter that makes all pieces equal. A good advice for grilling vegetables in a pot is that you should never salt them in advance, only when they are ready. If we salted it, it would release all the liquid they have and then we would not be grilling them but rather steaming them. I have pulled the chicken on a special ceramic so that the skin can get everywhere crispy.


For:  2 persons


  1. We clean the chicken and we cream the skin everywhere with the melted ghee (we can also use butter). We put salt and pepper on it then we put around the garlic too. Finally we put some red paprika powder on it. We can pull it on the ceramic chicken fryer (I have seen some solutions with a beer can too), so that our chicken can equally get a crispy skin everywhere. At the beginning of the baking I put foil around the chicken so that it can get in its steam cooked and soft . This is how I bake it for 1-1,5 hrs on 180 degrees then I take of the foil, switch to grill position of the oven, and I bake it for another half an hour or one hour on 210 degrees and for the last 10 min I put it on 220.
  2. Until the chicken is getting baked we have time to prepare the potatoes and the grilled vegetables. In order to get crispy French fries you must fry them twice. First we are frying it in medium high heat and we do not let them brown (for about 5-7 min). We take them out of the oil to cool then we can fry them for the second time to make them ready, golden brown. This way our French fries will become crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. We must use a lot of cooking oil and we should not put too many potatoes in at the same time.
  3. I start grilling the vegetables with the mushroom on hot ghee. I fry them well, golden brown, then I can add the rest of the veggies too. We grill them on high heat for about 10 min. Then we can put pepper on them, then I continue grilling. When it is ready after five more min. we can put the salt on it. We do need much salt, since we only want to intensify the taste of the vegetables.