For:  4 person


  1. We work with all ingredients at room temperature making a dough with the kitchen aid (mixer). At the end we can add the raisins too. When the dough is nice one piece together, we can start the raising. Since it is Christmas we do not want to deal all day with the raising of the dough so we speed up the process by putting it into a 50 degree oven. We should put some flower around in the pot so it will not stick when it starts to raise. We should cover it with some table cloth then we can put it in the oven letting the door a bit open. So our dough should be ready to work with in about 35-40 min. In the meanwhile, we can mix together the filling. We can also put raising in the filling if we like it. We should roll out the dough into flat and put the filling evenly on the dough, and lengthwise we should tightly roll it up and cut round slices, fit them in the pan next to each other. We spread the cream on the top and sprinkle it with some cane sugar.
  2. We put back the ready rolls to the 50 degree oven and about after 5 min we turn the temperature up to 190 degrees. Until the oven reaches this temperature, our dough can still raise. We bake the rolls on 190 degrees for 20-25 min until the edges are nice golden brown. The oven will soon smell nice , it will be so pleasant to eat this on Christmas morning for breakfast with your coffee.