Cold chili tomato sauce with basil oil and blansired celery sticks. soup can be a perfect dinner for hot summer nights with a piece of garlic toast.


For:  4 people


  1. We pour the olive oil in a small cooking pot and put in peeled garlic so that the oil is covering it. We confit the garlic for 30 min (cook it slow that the oil covers it). When it is ready we take them out and put it aside together with the oil.
  2. We blansir the tomatoes for in boiling water for about 30 sec then we put them in ice-cold water so that the skin comes easy off. We clean the celery sticks with a potato peeler and then blansir them too for a minute and then ice-cold water so that they keep their nice color and soften a bit.
  3. That is what we do with the basil too. Half a minute int he boiling water then ice-cold water so that they stay bright green.
  4. We put in the blender the confit garlic and the chili cut small without seeds. We blend it to a purée. We season it with salt and pepper. We make it more liquid with the vegetable soup . We put it in a closing box and in the fridge to get real cool. With half of the left over oil we pure the basil and we drop it on the soup when plating together with the celery sticks.