In the US it is a must to have coleslaw coming with your burger & fries order since it is well balancing the heavier dishes with its acidity, freshness and colorful look. On top of all, it is an excellent source of vitamins. Coleslaw is an exciting side dish or salad. The choice of the cabbage depends on our taste. I recommend to make it from two different types and colors, from red and white. We can as well add some savoy cabbage too if we like.


For:  8 people


  1. Mix in a big bowl the small sliced carrots and cabbages. In a smaller pot we can mix the mayo, the apple cider vinegar, the mustard, celery, salt and pepper.
  2. We can set the acidity of the dressing according to our taste. 2/3 of the dressing we should mix with the vegetables (best to do it with clean hands).
  3. If we feel the coleslaw still a bit too dry, then we can add some more dressing. Let it cool in the fridge , so that the tastes can age together and the cabbage can get a bit softened. The longer it stands in the sauce the softer the cabbage shall become.

Recipe notes

Tip: if we have some dressing left, we can use it for dips e.g. for carrots and celery sticks.