This used to be a feast dish during our visits in the Christmas time at my grandma’s. But of course my grandma was not serving it with pumpkin cream, she served it with lots of onion and potatoes baked together with the meat in the fat. Nonetheless, the fat we shall need. We are going to use a lot of mangalica lard. Potatoes we only put in a few just for the tradition, . I have also exchanged the stronger red onions to shallot onions and we should not forget the garlic either that grandma was also using a lot. This way, we can cook a real filling winter comfort food that we can make feast-like. We can make a rillettes from the rest of the meat and fat which can be an excellent breakfast dish one of those lazy mornings with some fresh baguette or any other fresh bread. I cut up a lot of spring onions and radish to eat with.


For:  4 people


  1. We clean the meat, and then we season it with salt and pepper. We put them in the pot next to each other. We preheat the oven for 140-150 degrees. This is how we are going to bake the meat. We put in between the meat the cleaned shallots (whole pieces) and some slices of potatoes. We press out the garlic for the meat slices then we season it with the smoked paprika. We put the mangalica fat on the meat slices. We can put in in the oven for about 3 hrs long. It will be just ready when you can see that the meat starts to get nice grilled.
  2. In the meanwhile, we can prepare the pumpkin pie. We season the pumpkin and bake it unpeeled on a baking paper in about 1,5 hrs on 150 degrees on a separate pot but in the oven while the meat is getting baked. When the pumpkin is done, we season it with ginger, salt, pepper, chili and some milk or coconut milk so that we get a nice creamy texture. At the end we can add a bit of butter too and of course a little sugar if we like.