I used all parts of the beetroot during my cooking. I made a colorful spring salad where I put the beetroot itself and the stems. I blanched the stems and the leaves and I baked the beetroot itself. The end result is very tasty and it is also very healthy. This dish is a perfect choice, even if you have guests since it is served cold so we can prepare it in advance.


For:  10 pieces


  1. We blanch the leaves for half a minute or in other words, we put them in boiling salty water for half a min, then we immediately put them in ice-cold water to cool them, this way they will keep their bright color. Afterwards, we dry them with a paper towel. We fry the veal quick with salt & pepper. We bake the beetroot with their skin with salt, pepper and grape seed oil. When they are ready and cool enough we cut them to small cubes. We blanch the carrots and the beetroot stem too for 2-2 min. then we cut them up to small cubes.
  2. Then we cut up the onions small and stir it then add the veal and stir it too with salt & pepper. Then we can mix the cooked rice (we made in 18-20 min) and the vegetables. The rice will become a bit of pinkish. We fill this in the prepared beetroot leaves.
  3. For the colored salad, we cut up all the vegetables the same size then we put them in a pot, season it with salt & pepper but only slightly. We blanch the carrots and the beetroot stem too for 2-2 min. before putting them in the salad.