So, this is going to be the a dish that will simply be amazing on the table at Christmas Eve, because our family members are going to love the taste. On top of all, it takes on time and effort to make it. Further more, it is a light dish, we can even have it if we are on diet, and this is also an advantage during the holiday feast.


For:  4 people


  1. We season the fish at room temperature with salt and pepper. We cut up some garlic to slices and put some on the fish slices. We fry both sides on a bit of an olive oil in a hot pan in 1-2 min and towards the end we add some butter.
  2. We fry some garlic on olive oil and then we can addthe coctail tomatos and fry it a bit with salt and pepper, at the end we can add the spinach. We turn it all around add some more salt if we like (I do not), and stop the cooker. As we do not want to really cook the spinach, just a bit.