Like my father used to make goose liver for Christmas, I keep his tradition and I make this festive dish too. In my childhood we would only eat goose liver for Christmas, though I like to choose this dish often in a restaurant if they have it on their menu. We should buy at least the same amount of fat so that we can prepare at least two different dishes since we bought this expensive ingredient. I recommend you proceed the way I did. We can easy prepare this dish a day before Christmas Eve, so we have hardly anything to do before it comes to serving. Category: meat dish, Hungarian, gluten free, egg free



  1. We take off the outer part (skin) from the liver and suck it in milk for min 2 hrs (in order to get rid of any bitterness from the liver). Then we dry it and put it in a heat-proof pot with the fat and fat cubes. We slowly bake it ready on 150 degrees in about 1-1,5 hours) . When it is ready, we take it out of the fat and we slice it up. We put some sliced aside that we would like to eat fried.
  2. The rest we slice up and we put it back to the fat. We stir the onions and at the end we add the sliced apples too and we make it ready in a minute or two. Then, we add it to the goose liver and fat. We season it with salt and pepper.
  3. We turn it well, and we put it in the fridge for a few hours minimum until the fat gets harder. We eat it with fresh white bread. We can give the cold version as a gift to someone for Christmas too. We can put it still warm in a nice jar and it will surely be a special home-made present.
  4. With the fried version we put the slices in a very hot dry pan. We fry both sides in a minute or two or until golden brown. We need a dry pot as most of the liver is fat so it will bake out. I normally serve it with freshy toasted sweet bread and baked apple slices. We only season it with salt & pepper.

Recipe notes

For the fried goose liver slices I like to serve toasted sweet bread & baked apple For the cold goose & fat, I like to serve fresh white bread.