Grilled Salmon with jumbo shrimps with a dill cream sauce and zucchini-cauliflower fritters.


For:  2 people


  1. We cut up small the shallot and the dill on a little ghee, we add the flour we let it cook a bit but we do not let it get brown. We want to make a white béchamel. We add the cream and the spices. We are ready with the dill cream sauce.
  2. We season the salmon and the garlic, and then we put them aside until we mix the zucchini & cauliflower fritters. We blend the veggies in a blender to small. We mix them with the rest of the above ingredients. We heat to medium high the oil and fry the fritters. I have used a teaspoon for the frying so they get ready in a few minutes, but you can as well do it with a tablespoon.
  3. We can fry the salmon on a little ghee. If we are using salmon with skin than we can grill it in the oven (the skin facing the grill part) on 200 degrees for 9 min. It is a bit faster done without skin in the pan. We should leave the inside of the salmon pink and not over frying them as we want to taste the good fish taste there. When we are ready with everything, we can plate.