Magic! Colorful salmon groove, a light and tasty dish that you can put on the table in not more than 45 min.


For:  4 people


  1. We should marinate the salmon for min 20 min before baking it.
  2. We cut up the salad ingredients into the same sizes. We mix it and pour on the lime juice and put on top the cilantro and the parsley. We put it it aside until we prepare the salmon.
  3. We fry the salmon (or we can also grill it in the oven – 190 degrees, grill position, 9 min). We are going to fry it first the skin down for about 5 min. Then we turn them, we shall need a 1-2 on the other side, the keep it nice pink (my husband likes it more done, for him I do 4 min on the other side). So depending on how your family or guest like it, you can fry it a minute or two longer.
  4. We put some salad on the plate, put the salmon on the top and we can eat! Bon appetite!