We can cook the goulash outside in nature, but if we do not have the opportunity for that, we can easy make it inside over the cooker too in a pot, it should be as tasty as outside. Together with the dumplings it will be a very filling dish. If we can, go outside and cook in nature, this could be a nice activity with your family together on Easter.


For:  6 people


  1. First we should cook a thick saucy stew. We stir the onions on some cooking oil, we add the meat, we stir with that too. We can after add the garlic, the pepper, salt and red paprika. We pour it up with water so that the meat is covered and we cook ready the stew in about 2,5-3 hrs.
  2. After the meat is cooked, we can add the small cut veggies and pour it with as much water as thick we would like our goulash to be. We cook it ready. If needed, we can add some extra seasoning. We can serve it with fresh parsley, sour cream and some fresh white bread.